Creating the real Hyperboria in the North

Luleå, Sweden, is actually not that far away from Hyperborea. Note: I’m actually talking about the Cjdns mesh network, Hyperboria, not any mythical utopia. Background I’ve been thinking of running a mesh network since ~4 years ago when I and a classmate had a school project where we tried to make an Cjdns network that was easy to join for everyone using a user friendly captive portal. So, now I’m at it again, and forcing some friends to participate in a IBSS + B.
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Gentoo with DM-Crypt LUKS and EFI

What?! This article serves as somekind of meta instruction for installing Gentoo with DM-Crypt LUKS. It’s my preferred setup with a Gentoo with OpenRC and EFI running on an encrypted harddrive. The guide is heavily based upon Sakaki’s EFI Install Guide. If this is your first time installing Gentoo it’s probably a better idea to follow Sakaki’s EFI Install Guide, or follow the Gentoo’s Handbook Burn Minimal Installation CD to USB Download the Minimal Installation CD from: https://www.
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